Sport plan 2017. - Cone Forest Rally Team

Month Week Date Estonia BaTcc Latvia Lietuva Baltic Rally Trophy ERC WRC
January 52                
1 7 Sprint Voru            
2 14-15 Rally Aluksne   Rally Aluksne        
3 20-22             Monte Carlo
4 27-28       Rally Utena      
February 5                
6 10-11     Rally Sarma       Sweden
7 18-19         Mikkeli ( Fin)    
8 22              
March 9                
10 10-12             Mexico
April 13 30-1           Rally Azores gr  
14 7-9             France
17 27-30   Riga         Argentina
May 17 4-6           Rally Canarias tar  
20 19-20     Rally Talsi   Rally Talsi ( Lat )   Portugal
21 27-28 Rally Harju Parnu   Rally Gdansk (PL)      
June 22 2-4           Rally Acropolis gr  
23 9-10 Rally Haapsalu           Italy
24 16-18           Rally Cyprus gr/tar  
25 23-24       Baltic Rally Vilnius Baltic Rally Vilnius    
July 26 30-2             Poland
28 14-15 Rally Tartu            
29 19-22   Palanga 1006 rase Rally Latvia   Rally Latvia    
30 28-30             Finland
August 31 4-5       Rally Rokiskis   Rally Raid PL tar  
33 18-20   Riga Summer rase         Germany
34 25-26 Rally Voru   Rally Voru     Rally Barum tar  
September 35 8-9       Rally Elektronai Rally Elektronai    
36 15-17           Rally Roma It tar  
38 21-24   Parnu 1000 rase*          
39 29-30       Rally Classic      
October 39                
40 6-8     Rally Liepaja     Rally Liepaja gr Spain
41 13-14 Rally Saaremaa            
43 27-29             Great Britain
November 44                
46 17-19             Australia



Otepaa P / Sprint, scheduled for February 13 was moved to February 6.

Otepaa P / Sprint moved to February 6

The plan of the team actions for 2016 was posted in the "Events Calendar" section. The planned activities are highlighted in blue.

Rally calendar 2016

Dear friends, fans, colleagues and all the fans of motor racing! CONE FOREST RALLY TEAM wishes you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2015 year was successful for CONE FOREST RALLY TEAM. Two team crews drove the races.
Sergei Uher – 13 starts.
First time – participation of MINI JCW S2000 car in the world championship WRC, participation in the European Championship ERC, rally “Master Show” and championship of Russia and Estonia.
As a result, the crew got the 13th position in the absolute standings and 4th position in the N4 group of the Championship of Estonia.
Denis Levyatov, Mary Uger – 6 starts.
From technic point of view Subaru was replaced by Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10, entirely built by engineers and mechanics of our team.
3rd position in the N4 group in the Tallinn rally.
As a result, the crew got the 10th position in the overall classification and the 5th position in N4 class in the championship of Estonia.

History of 2015

On-board video Rally Harju 2015

On-board video Rally Harju 2015

Congratulations to all participants! It's a triple closure: Rally Saaremaa, Estonian Championship and 2015 season.
Denis and Maria are placed in the first third of the Overall, while 49 out of the 150 participants that started, withdrew because of various reasons. 

2015 Saaremaa rally

Congratulations! Both our teams have successfully finished Rally Tartu 2015!
We have gone through rainfall and heavy fog, soaked gravel roads and greasy asphalt. Estonian rally competitions sets, as usual, record speed.

Rally Tartu 2015

Maria Uger, the only woman in Israel who is a Rally Co-Pilot, won the third place in the Tallinna Rally in Estonia.

Maria, as "Woman Of The Week" in the Laisha Magazine

Video rally Tallinn 2015

Rally Tallinn 2015

Maria/Denis finished the Tallinna Rally in THIRD PLACE, in the N4 category and Sergey/Alexander in the 4nd!
Rally Tallinna, the 4th out of six competitions in the Estonian 2015 Championship, lasted two days and included 10 Super Stages of 92.73 Km.
The average speed, of the whole rally was 107 Km/h, when the fastest SS was 119 Km/h (SS4).
72 participants registered to the Tallinna Rally, but only 46 actually finished it.

Ралли Таллин 2015

Last friday Levyatov Denis, the team's director and pilot of a crew, has met with children in "Polenovo Republic" summer camp. Denis told about rally and our team and answered numerous questions from young amateurs of motorsport

Master-class in summer camp by Cone Forest Rally Team