Sport plan 2017. - Cone Forest Rally Team

Month Week Date Estonia BaTcc Latvia Lietuva Baltic Rally Trophy ERC WRC
January 52                
1 7 Sprint Voru            
2 14-15 Rally Aluksne   Rally Aluksne        
3 20-22             Monte Carlo
4 27-28       Rally Utena      
February 5                
6 10-11     Rally Sarma       Sweden
7 18-19         Mikkeli ( Fin)    
8 22              
March 9                
10 10-12             Mexico
April 13 30-1           Rally Azores gr  
14 7-9             France
17 27-30   Riga         Argentina
May 17 4-6           Rally Canarias tar  
20 19-20     Rally Talsi   Rally Talsi ( Lat )   Portugal
21 27-28 Rally Harju Parnu   Rally Gdansk (PL)      
June 22 2-4           Rally Acropolis gr  
23 9-10 Rally Haapsalu           Italy
24 16-18           Rally Cyprus gr/tar  
25 23-24       Baltic Rally Vilnius Baltic Rally Vilnius    
July 26 30-2             Poland
28 14-15 Rally Tartu            
29 19-22   Palanga 1006 rase Rally Latvia   Rally Latvia    
30 28-30             Finland
August 31 4-5       Rally Rokiskis   Rally Raid PL tar  
33 18-20   Riga Summer rase         Germany
34 25-26 Rally Voru   Rally Voru     Rally Barum tar  
September 35 8-9       Rally Elektronai Rally Elektronai    
36 15-17           Rally Roma It tar  
38 21-24   Parnu 1000 rase*          
39 29-30       Rally Classic      
October 39                
40 6-8     Rally Liepaja     Rally Liepaja gr Spain
41 13-14 Rally Saaremaa            
43 27-29             Great Britain
November 44                
46 17-19             Australia



From the 26th position, in the category in the first day, to the 16th…in three days!!
On the first Rally day, the teams had a great disappointment, when a surprising decision left team #49 (Denis & Maria) out of the competition, declaring their car as not applicable with the FIA regulations.
Sergey & Evgeny, team # 58, finished the first day in the 26th position in category RC2, 11.2 min. after the lead. Though the second day started in the 28th place, Sergey & Evgeny managed to progress and finish the 10th stage already in the 17th position of the RC2 category, narrowing the gap from the lead to 9.08.4 minutes.
The team ended the rally, on the third day, in the 16th position of category RC2!!

Auto24 Rally Estonia

Estonia Europe Championship, which will start on July 17th.
It is the biggest autosports event in the Baltics and one of the FIA European Rally Championship. 

The Auto24 Rally Estonia!

This weekend, the teams has spent their time productively: on Saturday, they were testing and training in Estonia and on Sunday, as part of the preparations for the Auto24 Rally Estonia, both teams S.Uger/ E.Kalachev and D.Levyatov/ M.Uger finished the rally sprint in Vorumaa.

Võrumaa sprint 2015

Pointer-3M, the most famous and successful Israeli Rally Raid team, invited Sergey & Maria to be their guests during the press conference they held, before leaving for the Breslau-Poland Rally.

Press-conference team in Isralie

The Neste Oil #HarjuRally 2015 has finished yesterday

Our team had two crews: Maria Uger (co-pilot) with Denis Levyatov (pilot) (#36), Sergey Uger (pilot) with Nomeika Giedrius (co-pilot)

As the rally ended, the joy of the teams was shut abruptly, due to a crash of one of the other competitors, during the 9th and last stage. The crash killed 3 people: Yanek, a pilot and one of the competitors, his mechanic and his girlfriend. We all send our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of the casualties.

Rally Harju 2015